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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to answer all you most frequently asked questions and some you may never have thought to ask...

What is the closest airport to Foxfires?

Kittila is the closest airport, 12km away. The next is Rovaniemi, 171km away. You can get taxis and rent cars easily at both. There are also buses that run from both airports to Levi village centre. 


How far form Levi village centre are we?

We are 8km from the village centre. There are lots of taxis to get you to and from here. 


When is the best time to see the Aurora?

The Aurora is visible in Levi from late August to mid April. Our favourite time to see the Aurora is February and March. It’s also best if the moon is not out. 


Are pets allowed at Foxfires?

Because we have Gooseberry it’s best we do not allow other animals. 

Can we stay with our children in the room?

Sorry, no, as the rooms are too small to fit extra beds. But watch this space for future plans for families:)


How many rooms do we have?

Currently, we have two rooms. 


Can I book the cabin with the hot tub to stay? 

Sorry, no. It is not accommodation to stay the night. This is the Sauna, which is part of our Arctic Spa experience. You can book a 2.5hr session on our booking page. Also if you book accommodation directly via our website, you will get 50% discount when booking the Spa.  


Can I book the cute round cabin to stay?

Sorry, no. This is our Kota (BBQ hut). You can use it when you book the Arctic Spa experience. 


Are there cooking facilities in the rooms?

There are no cooking facilities in the rooms. 


Do we need to book activities in advance?

Levi is a small place that can get very busy in the high season. There are only a few operators of the most popular activities. We strongly recommend you booking all your activities and safaris in advance. Please check our Partners page for our recommendations. 


Can we see Aurora at Foxfires?

Yes, we see the Aurora over Foxfires regularly. If there are clear skies or you can see some stars you have a good chance to see the magic. 


When is the best time to come?

That depends on what you what to experience. October and November you can see the Aurora reflecting on the lakes. December and January are dark with very few hours of light but that light is beautiful and the trees are often covered in heavy snow, but it can also be very cold. February and March are warmer and the days are longer, the Aurora is often really good around this time too. Lapland is not only a winter destination. In the summer and autumn it is equally beautiful and there are many activities to enjoy. The 24 hr daylight in the summer is something everyone should experience. 

Is it safe to drive in the snow?

Yes. All cars are equipped with winter tyres with metal spikes. They grip to the icy roads incredibly well. The roads are well marked and never busy. 


What should we wear for the cold?

Layers. Thermals top and bottom are an essential on cold days. Layer that with t-shirt or a base layer, a jumper or fleece and then a good winter coat. It’s best to have water repellent outer wear so that you can stay dry playing in the snow. Good warm winter boots are must and some warm socks (in our experience, Moon boots are great as are boots made by Baffin). Gloves are super important too.  


How long is there no sun?

The sun doesn’t rise above the horizon for 20 days (12th - 31st December). This is called the Polar Night or Kaamos in Finnish. It is still light for a few hours each day around 12 - 3pm. This light is beautiful.


What activities do you recommend?

There are many things you can do here in Lapland. The big hits would be:

See the Aurora

Take a Sauna

Ski, alpine or cross country

Husky sledding

Snow shoe in the wild

Meet Reindeer

Meet Santa of course! 


Do we have a restaurant? 

Sorry, no. We serve breakfast in our main space but not lunch or dinner. There are many restaurants in the village, some are very good.  


How can we book?

You can book a room via our website and you can book the Arctic Spa experience via our website too. 


Why can’t I book the room I want?

If you can’t  book the room / dates you want, it is already booked. We are small and quite popular so our rooms are booked quite far in advance. 


How far from the ski slope are we?

We have a ski lift just 300m away (this lift is only open from Feb till May). In the same place you can find the cross country trails and winter walking and biking trails (these are open all winter).


What are the Wi-Fi mobile phone connections like?

We have wifi in the rooms with great 4G and 5G network coverage. Plus there is great coverage all over Lapland. 

Is breakfast included?

Yes. We serve a great breakfast that should keep you going all day long! 


Can I drink the tap water?

The tap water here is some of the purest and cleanest water in the world. It’s not just safe to drink but we highly recommend you drink it! it’s great. We also have the cleanest air in the world too, so breath deep. 


Do we have a sauna?

Oh yes! We have a fabulous sauna. You can book it directly on our website. Hotel guests who book directly with us can book the sauna at a 50% discounted rate. 


Where can I buy alcohol?

The sale of alcohol is strictly controlled here in Finland. You can buy beer in the supermarkets. For wine and spirits you need to go to the Alko store. It is located in the S-Market at the north end of the village. 

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