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About Foxfires

Who we are

Foxfires is British husband and Polish wife team Paul and Agnieszka and our Parson Russell Terrier, Gooseberry!

We had been living and working in London for nearly 15 years. We always spent our holiday time travelling the world visiting 49 countries from every continent except Antartica. We love to travel and experience new things. We were growing restless and a little jaded with London life. We have been looking around the world at opportunities but we have always been drawn back to Scandinavia. 

During one trip to Lapland we got engaged under the Northern Lights. It was our first time seeing them and they always have special meaning for us when they appear. There is something quite magical and addictive about the Aurora and we always feel blessed when we see them. 

When we arrived in Levi for a holiday we fell in love immediately. We knew we had to find a way to be here in Lapland under the Northern Lights permanently. It felt like home...


... In 2018 we took the big decision to sell up, pack the car and start a new life here in the Arctic. 

Finnish Lapland is wonderful place with the cleanest air and the happiest people in the world. Here in Kittia province there are just 0.6 people per square kilometre. That means you can really feel that connection with unspoilt nature. When out walking Gooseberry our Parsons Russell Terrier we will often bump in to wildlife such as Reindeer and Moose but as yet we have not seen an Elf... outside Santa's Office that is... It's just 160km away! 

Today we offer visitors to Lapland the chance to sample it's beauty and traditions in several ways.

          ❅ Foxfires mini Boutique Hotel

          ❅ Aurora Hunting

          ❅ The Arctic Spa

          ❅ Foraging and Arctic Kitchen

          ❅ Cycling holidays

          ❅ Wellness breaks

More luxury experience are planned and will be introduced to you soon...

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