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Riding Adventures

When the snow melts the trails open...

Why not go on a riding holiday in the land of the midnight sun? 

Stay at Foxfires and enjoy riding adventures like nowhere else. 


We are offering curated riding holidays that will allow you experience Lapland from a new perspective. 

Hundreds of kilometres of maintained cross country trails, and two bike parks with lifts are all on our doorstep. 

Try your hand at cross country MTB, ride e-fatbikes or hit the bikepark on a downhill MTB.


Maybe you dream of riding road bike on endless smooth deserted roads where the only traffic you will encounter are the reindeer!


We can help you plan your riding days on loops, or one way trips with pick ups or drop offs. The possibilities are endless.

And of course at the end of the day you can relax in our Arctic Spa and ease those aching muscles. 

Contact us for more information now

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