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Get to Know Us

Living in the UNREAL world

Foxfires is British husband and Polish wife team Paul and Agnieszka (Aggie) and our Parson Russell Terrier, Gooseberry!

We had been living and working in London for nearly 15 years. We always spent our holiday time travelling the world visiting many countries from every continent except Antartica, yet… We love to travel and experience new things. We were growing restless and a little jaded with city life and so started thinking about another way to live. A way that meant we could spend more time together. We had been looking all over the world at opportunities but were always drawn to the Nordics. 

During one trip to the north we got engaged under the Northern Lights. It was our first time seeing them and they will always have special meaning for us when they appear. 

In 2017 we arrived in Levi for a holiday in the snow. We immediately fell in love with this place. We knew right there and then that we had to find a way to be here in Lapland under the Northern Lights permanently. It felt like home…

… Today 6 years on from that moment it still does. We sold up and packed the car in August 2018 to move here permanently. It was a long drive through eight countries and 7 boarder crossings but after seven days on the road we arrived to start our new life in the wild under the Northern Lights. 


There is something quite magical and addictive about the Northern Lights and we always feel blessed when we see them. In Finnish, the phenomenon is called Revontulet which means "Fox fires". People in the north used to believe the Aurora were created by Arctic Foxes running over the tundra, their fur emitting sparks into the sky as it touched the ground.  Upon discovering this, Foxfires was born. 

We started the Foxfires dream with private Aurora hunting in our first winter. For the second winter we built the Arctic Spa. In 2020 we completed the build of the guesthouse. In the coming years there are many grand plans and we hope you will enjoy sharing in our journey living in the wild far from the real world… in this unreal world that is beautiful Lapland. 

Aggie, Paul
        & Gooseberry

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