Terms and Conditions

Accommodation Reservation Policy

Check-In Time 04:00 PM | Check-Out Time 12:00 PM

Reservations are confirmed once payment has been made in full in advance and you recieve a confirmation email. For booking.com bookings bookings are confirmed when reservation is made.

Early check-in or late check-out is subject to room availability on the relevant day, to be reconfirmed with us. 

It is mandatory for all guests to produce a valid identity document upon check-in; for foreign guests a valid passport and for domestic guests, a valid identity card shall be accepted as proof of identity. 

All guest rooms and common areas are strictly non-smoking.

We are not obliged to accept foreign currency, credit/debit and do no accept vouchers, cheques unless we have volunteered to do so in advance. 

Date Changes - Date changes made 30 days or more prior to the booking can be made. Any new booking will be subject to the rates for those new dates. Additional charges may apply. We do not accept date changes within requested 30days or less prior to the booking. 

Behaviour - We follow the rule good manners and decent behaviour. We expect you to do the same. In case of bad behaviour such as excessive noise, violent or drunken behaviour you may be immediately removed from the premises. In such cases you are still obliged to pay for the accommodation and additional services ordered. You are not eligible to claim a refund for payments already made.

Damage - As a guest you are responsible for damage caused on purpose or by accident by you in the room or in premises as a whole. This applies also to all furniture and other equipment, other guests in the hotel or their property. The responsibility for caused damage is determined by general principles.

Foxfires is not responsible for valuables stored in your room.

Foxfires is not responsible for damage or disappearance of vehicles kept on the guest parking area or valuables inside the vehicle. The parking area is not supervised and we are not responsible for the property kept there in.

Getting around at Foxfires and in general can be icy, uneven and slippery at times. We do everything we can ensure your safety but please take care, This is the Arctic and we can not keep on top of the weather conditions at all times. We do not take responsability for injuries resulting from slips trips or falls. 

Accommodation Cancellation Policy

If we receive your cancellation notification in writing more than 30 days before the start of your stay, we will refund the total amount paid.

If you wish to cancel less than 30 days before the start of your stay no refund can be given. 

Additional bookable services (such as Booking.com) are subject to their own specific cancellation policies.   

In case of official travel restrictions that prevent you from traveling to Foxfires, the booking can be postponed. Any new booking will be suject to the rates for those dates. 

We recommend our customers to take out the appropriate travel insurance cover against any possible situations and cases of force majeure.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Experience Cancellation Policy

All Experiences

If your experience includes transportation we can only provide it if your pick up location is within 10km of Foxfires. (Kuljetus vain 10 km säteellä Foxfiresista.) Collection will be the exact start time of you booking.



If we have to cancel your experience for any reason you will be given a full refund.


If you cancel your booking 30 days or more in advance a full refund will be given. If you cancel your booking less than 30 days in advance no refund will be given.


Please contact us in writing should you wish to cancel. email: info@levifoxfires.com


Aurora Hunting Specific

If the weather conditions are (in our opinion) very poor and offer very little chance of seeing the Aurora we will discuss with you the options available before we start the trip. These options may include rescheduling or refunding. 


Covid 19 Specific

We will honour a cancelation made within 30 days of a booking if government imposed travel restrictions are brought in that do not allow you to travel. Refunds will only be issued if the booking is made before the restrictions are announced. Refunds will be less any administrative costs we incur in handling booking and refund transactions. We recommend our customers to take out the appropriate travel insurance cover against any possible situations and cases of force majeure.

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