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Arctic Spa

Adults Only Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience

Arctic Spa experience for adults only

Private sauna, hot tub and kota in the forest 

After a cold day of winter activities, what is better than warming up in the traditional Finnish wood fired sauna and an outdoor hot tub. 

Here at Foxfires we have created a very unique Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience. At the heart of our Arctic Spa, there is the wood fire heated sauna with a big window facing the peaceful forest. Step outside and hop into the outdoor hot tub and take in the natural beauty that surrounds you. Whilst you soak, breathe deeply with the cleanest air in the world. When all the heat is too much, sit on the deck and relax in front of the sauna where you might spot birds, squirrels, arctic hare or even a reindeer passing by. This is a private experience so the entire Arctic Spa will be for you only (and the wildlife) during your session. 

With the many fairy lights and candles surround the spa you will feel like you are in a winter wonderland far above the Arctic Circle. It's a magical place and has the power to calm busy minds and heal your body and soul, slowing you down to deeply enjoy your Lapland holiday. 

Feel free to bring your own food and drink so you can experience our Kota (laplander's hut). Inside you will find a cozy place to sit around the central fireplace where you can grill sausages and marshmallows or perhaps heat some mulled wine while watching the flames dance. A truly relaxing experience. All the BBQ tools and firewood are provided. 

You can book a midday, afternoon, evening or night sauna session. 

The duration of the Arctic Spa experience is 2.5h and is for adults only.

We have two different options:

Finn experience includes:

❅ Private sauna and outdoor hot tub experience 

Rento body wash, body lotion, different sauna scents 

❅ Sauna mats

❅ Drinking water available

Bring your own towels or rent them from us (Towels €5 each, robes 8€ each, Eco Slippers €5 each). 

Please note that transportation is not included. 

Lux experience includes:

❅ Private sauna and outdoor hot tub experience 

❅ Arrival drinks (zero alcohol) 

❅ Drinking water available

Towels, robes, eco slippers, sauna mats and sauna hats 

❅ Sausages and marshmallow for you to toast on the fire

❅ Exclusive HETKINEN sauna scent (also Rento sauna scents)

❅ Organic EVOLVE BEAUTY body wash, body lotion (also Rento toiletries) 

❅ Hand made birch whisks from Foxfires' own forest 

Please note that transportation is not included. 

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