Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience

Finn Spa

Sauna, palju ja kota yksityiskäyttöön

Varaa saunamme omaan käyttöösi ja rentoudu tunnelmallisessa puusaunassa ja lämpimässä paljussa pohjoisen metsän keskellä revontulia katsellen. 

Tarjoamme poikkeuksellisesti tänä vuonna arktisen saunaelämyksemme edulliseen, kaikille sopivaan hintaan.


Varaus sisältää saunan, paljun ja kodan yksityiskäyttöösi. Tarjoamme sinulle vierailusi ajaksi kaiken tarpeellisen. Voit halutessasi myös käyttää kotaa ja grilliä omien eväidesi valmistuksessa.


Tunnelmallinen saunaelämyksemme sisältää:

            ❅ Saunan ja paljun yksityiseen käyttöösi

            ❅ Kodan ja grillin vapaan käytön

            ❅ Laudeliinat käyttöösi

            ❅ Saunatuoksut

            ❅ Pyyhevuokra 5€/ pyyhe, maksu käteisellä tai MobilePay.

Finn Spa (en)

Sauna, hot tub and kota for Private use


Book our sauna for your own use and relax in the atmospheric wooden sauna and barrel hot tub in the middle of the Arctic Taiga forest watching the northern lights.


This year we offer our Finn Spa sauna experience at an affordable price for everyone. 


The reservation includes the heated sauna and hot tub and a laplanders hot for your private use. If you wish, you can use the hut to grill/BBQ your own snacks or just use it as an additional space to relax by the fire. 


Our atmospheric sauna experience includes:

      ❅ Sauna and hot tub for your private use

      ❅ Free use of the laplanders hut and grill

      ❅ sauna mats for your use

      ❅ Sauna scents

      ❅ Towel rental 5 € / towel, payment in cash or MobilePay.

The Finn Spa Experience is aimed at Finns or anyone who is familiar with saunas and sauna culture. If you are new to sauna or you just want to make your visit that much more special our Lux Arctic Spa Experience is for you. 

Lux Arctic Spa Experience

Collection from your accommodation or location of your choosing within Levi. We will bring you to our Arctic Spa where you can relax in the traditional Finnish wood burning Sauna and outdoor wooden barrel hot tub enjoying the beauty of Lapland that surrounds. Or maybe just kick back in the reclining chairs on the deck. 

Learn about Finnish Sauna traditions and the art of Sauna bathing. 

All the while, we will prepare some Nordic treats for you in the Laplanders hut known as a Kota. You are of course more than welcome to relax in the Kota too and sample Lappish lifestyle by the fire. We aim to give you privacy whilst you visit us. However, we will always be on hand should you need. 

Our carefully and locally sourced Nordic snacks are served in the Kota. Sparking spruce tip wine and non-alcoholic beer is all provided throughout your visit. Glögi may also be provided in the winter months. 

If you have a special request please let us know in advance. We will do our best to tailor your visit to make your experience truly unique. 

Experience includes: 

          ❅ Private SPA experience 

          ❅ Collection and drop off from/to client’s Levi accommodation (within 10km radius of Foxfires) 

          ❅ Full instruction in how to sauna the traditional Finnish way

          ❅ Arrival drinks of spacing spruce tip wine (zero Alcohol)

          ❅ Tea/campfire coffee, water 

          ❅ Light snacks prepared by open fire 

          ❅ Glögi (Finnish mulled wine) prepared with winter spices over open fire (zero Alcohol)

          ❅ Towels and robes, slippers and sauna hats 

          ❅ Sauna scents and birch whisks 

Arctic Spa experience can be tailored to meet specific needs like special celebrations, birthday, engagements, anniversaries, and surprises – contact in advance to discuss 

Book a morning noon or night spa session.