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Mini Boutique Hotel

Unique Spaces to Stay

Located in the ancient Taiga Forest we have created Foxfires, our take on Nordic boutique accommodation. Made up of two individually furnished private guest rooms each with uniquely designed eu-suite bathroom. We are located just 8 minutes drive from the centre of Levi and just 300m from the nearest ski slopes (open Feb-May), cross country ski route and walking / biking trails. 

Our rooms make the most of our forest location with large floor to ceiling windows that allow you to feel at one with nature. In the evening you might be lucky to see the Aurora overhead. 


Our rooms are individually designed. We have taken inspiration from Nordic interior design and the Arctic landscape to craft uniquely designed furniture built by Paul  from birch wood that we feel reflects our location here in the Arctic. We pay attention to details so every item in your room is carefully selected. 
In order to operate as sustainably as possible we have endeavoured to use Finnish, Nordic or Baltic suppliers for our business. We are continually looking at our impact on the planet and making decisions that we believe are reducing that impact.  

We believe that a good night's sleep is hugely important for your well-being. The beds in our rooms are a 3 layer continental style made here in Finland and provide you with an exceptional sleep experience. 
Our pillows and duvets are made by Finnish brand Joutsen, who use only the best quality down available. Joutsen's down products have an "allergy label" which proves that they are pure and suitable for people with allergies. For the bedding we use luxury products from Finnish brand Balmuir. The bedding is made from high quality 300 thread count cotton sateen, which feels silky soft to the skin.


Because of our love of animals, we are naming our rooms after Arctic wildlife. Our first two rooms are inspired by the Polar Bear and the Wolf. Polar Bear is our first room concept, Wolf is our second room concept. They are inspired by these majestic animals and the land they live in. They are also Paul and Aggie's favourite Arctic animals respectively. A percentage of the profit from Foxfires will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.  

The inclusive breakfast is served in our large open plan breakfast space. With five meter high floor to ceiling windows at both ends of the room you can be in the forest whilst warm and cozy by the fire enjoying a freshly prepared breakfast inspired by Nordic cuisine and flavoured with Lappish delicacies.  

You may be sad to hear but we do not have a restaurant or guest cooking facilities (our breakfast space is not accessible after breakfast time). There are over 30 restaurants in the village. We are sure you will find something to cater for your tastes.  When you book a room with us you will get access to our app where you can find our restaurants recommendations. 


Also at Foxfires is Gooseberry our Parsons Russell Terrier and he can't wait to meet you!

If you book your accommodation directly through our website you can take advantage of a 30% discounted rate for the Arctic Spa sauna experience by adding it to your basket at checkout.

Minimum stay 4 nights on all bookings. 

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